Save palettes

Hi im very new to PyxelEdit, i just bought it:P
I have only used gimp before for 2d stuff, in gimp you can create palettes then save them into a list so you can always access them.
is this possible in this software?


  • 0101011101010111 Posts: 10
    Take a look at the Color menu at the top - that will give you options on importing/exporting palettes and selecting presets (although I don't see a way to save a preset)
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited June 2015
    No, it is currently not possible to save your own custom color palettes. You can however as 01010111 mentioned, export the colors you have been using, and them import them again later it you desire to use those same colors again.
  • GimplinGimplin Posts: 2
    would've been neat if i could save it to the present, but i guess the existing function is fine for the time being, the export import thingy that is:=)
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