Pyxel Tilemap to fuccboiGDX / Mogamett Parser - Love2D

NodepondNodepond Posts: 9
Hey Pyxel-people.

Several month ago I wrote a small script. It transforms the Pyxel tilemap format to fuccboiGDX / Mogamett format.

fuccboiGDX / Mogamett is a well designed 2D platform-framework, that is build upon Love2D. Maybe this one will be useful for anyone.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited June 2015
    Hmm looks interesting, though it seems that fuccboiGDX has been discontinued. As you say its build upon Love2D, so am I right to  assume that your script might work with Love in general?

    else some code modification should at least be able to make it usable.

    Thanks for sharing either way ;)
  • NodepondNodepond Posts: 9
    Oh, I see it... discontinued. =( What a shame! That framework was/is so well designed at the maintainer pretty active. Hm, maybe someone will pick up the project in future time.

    To you other question: Love2D does not have a "tilemap-engine" out of the box, so there is nothing you can work with Love2D in general.

    Anyway, maybe the script is still useful. It's also easy to build upon. Let's see what future Love2D developments will bring.
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