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weo_afweo_af Posts: 2
I'm pretty new to the software and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to/if I can make a bitmap font only using Pyxel Edit? I need the image and the xml data I believe. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Hi weo_af

    The currently released version of PyxelEdit does not support bmp exportation. The upcoming version will, however as there is no ETA on that yet, you might want use some other software for the BMP exportation, or contact Danik (the developer) if you want to try the newest (presumably unstable) version. 

    That was the image part.
    Getting the xml data should be simple, you just choose export->tilemap and select xml, then you should have the data needed.
  • weo_afweo_af Posts: 2
    Okay thank you very much! I contacted him about testing the prerelease. I'm hoping to just be able to stick with one application for most of my asset building because I'm lazy haha. Thanks again!
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