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Hi all,

So after using the software since January I decided I was in love. However, I learned recently there is a new version coming soon (Or is already out) since then. This was a revelation to me, and I believe there may be others who don't know of future updates due to not checking these forums. This is where I had the nifty idea of adding the software to Steam.

Yes, yes, Steam Greenlight is a long and hard road, however tools such as this (Software, especially when marketed towards game development) usually get greenlit quite rapidly. The addition of auto updates and optional DRM (The software can be DRM Free on Steam if the developer chooses; I would know since my own app is DRM Free) would allow Pyxel Edit to reach a larger crowd of people (Which I'm not sure the developer can handle currently, afaik, but it'd be a good opportunity for the future) as well as provide the services of auto updates and larger potential markets.

This is just a suggestion, and I'd love to hear the communities thoughts on this. Please comment below!


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    I think it's a good idea as long as you can still get PyxelEdit like you can right now. No need limiting the program to steam only. But there could be an auto-update feature in PyxelEdit that could at least notify users of a new update for now. Another good benefit for going on steam is that the program will get noticed easier and will get much more sales. Right now it seems that it can only be found through word of mouth or by finding a youtube video about it.
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    I think the idea itself is good, though with Danik only being able to update every so often, I do not think a larger service such as steam and its community would be healthy yet. Going on steam would also mean that Danik would have to become even more active and maintain two places.
    You also have to deal with the greedy behaviour which has become standard in the community and its sales demand, trolling and general inconvenience. 

    At some point, when/if PyxelEdit gets out of beta, Danik could smack it onto greenlight, because that would presumably require less maintaining, as most bugs would (hopefully) have been fixed and the most essential features implemented. 

    For now i believe that staying less noticed and away from the mainstream is fine.
  • vedioboyvedioboy Posts: 30
    Good points CandyFace :)  I actually kinda like the small community feeling of PyxelEdit.
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