Tileset Per Layer

I would really like to see a Tileset per layer controls for Pyxel Edit.

I would like to have a couple layers in my tilemap:

Background: Set to my Background Tilemap
Dungeon Elements: Common elements used through all my dungeons
Dungeon: Specific pieces for this dungeon

Something like this:

with a place to make new tilesets in the layers Options

I feel like this would greatly expand the usability of Pyxel. This way I could re-use tilesets throughout multiple Pyxel documents while still exporting and using the same image set.


  • DietChuggDietChugg Posts: 10
    "with a place to make new/import tilesets in the layers Options"
  • shadiradioshadiradio Posts: 2

    I would also request that you can specify different tile sizes per layer. For example, you can have a floor tiles layer with 16x16 tiles, and a small objects layer also at 16x16, but then a larger objects layer with 32x32 tiles, etc. I know this creates complexity, but it would be handy.
  • I basically posted the same request not knowing it was requested before.
    My reasoning to need it is different though. Non the less, I need it.

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