Looking for an amature/proffesional animator!

CybrusCybrus Posts: 6
Hi, i`m actually a game developer who bought PE after not finding any animator.
Then, i saw this wonderful forum and now im trying my luck here.
So, im looking for someone who want to collaborate with me on games.
I have some projects in mind but WE can decide to do whatever we would like, all according to our own skill-level.

If you find yourself fitting to the description i gave, please contact me either by PM or, preferably on e-mail; amitziv99@gmail.com

Thanks and have a great day :)


  • CybrusCybrus Posts: 6
  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    edited April 2015
    I wish I had more skills in animation... I'm involved in gamedesign and game developpement AND graphics. I want to make games too... But it's a long way to the top... Hope you'll show your progress on that way :)

    Did you ever try game developpement forum ? there're a bunch of it way down the road...
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