Tutorial for using PyxelEdit on Linux for beginners

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Hello Everyone! The beginning of this tutorial will teach you how to install Wine which is really the only thing you need to run PyxelEdit. The second part of the tutorial will show you how to install a theme on wine so that it matches PyxelEdit to make it look better. And the third part of the tutorial is to help Ubuntu users make a Unity Launcher icon for PyxelEdit.

Part 1 (Installing and using Wine):
Wine allows Linux users to run games and software designed to run on Windows. It works with a lot of software, expecially software that is lightweight. I have tried PyxelEdit in wine and it works great so here is how to get PyxelEdit up and running in wine!

1. Download PyxelEdit for Windows. Put it in any folder you want but if you are planning on making the Unity Launcher icon later on, put it in you /opt/ directory.
2. Installing wine. If you are using Ubuntu and you don't care too much about the latest version, you can simply download it in the Software Centre. Otherwise use this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine

3. Now locate the PyxelEdit portable version's .exe file, and double-click to run it!

Part 2 (Installing a better wine theme to match PyxelEdit):
Right out of the box wine comes with a really old looking theme. It makes all Windows applications you run with it look like they were made for windows 95. PyxelEdit isn't as bad but the menu bar still kept the theme which I couldn't stand (lol). Here is how to change it.

1. Download this theme: Download Theme (Beware: The download will start immediately after you click the link)
2. Extract the .rar file. Put it somewhere you will remember.
3. Open up Wine configuration. It is a program that wine installed earlier. Just search for it using a search bar on your computer.
4. Once it is open go to the "Desktop Integration" tab. Click "Install Theme...". Use the file browser to find the folder for the theme you extracted earlier. Inside that folder navigate to /VS/Concav eDark/ConcaveD.msstyles. Select that file and click Open or Done.
5. The theme should install. Make sure to have ConcaveD selected in the "Theme" selection box. As well as Compact in the Colour selection box. Click "Apply" close and you are done. Make sure to close all applications running in wine for the changes to take effect.

Part 3 (Unity Launcher icon for PyxelEdit):
This is not necessary at all but it makes it look nicer. Only Ubuntu users can do this, I think.

1. Make sure that your PyxelEdit files are in you /opt/ folder.
2. Create a new file anywhere you like called: PyxelEdit.desktop
3. Open it with a text editor and put this code inside of it:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment='Pixel art creating software specifically designed for game developers.'
Exec=wine /opt/PyxelEditWin0.3.108/PyxelEditPortable0.3.108/PyxelEdit0.3.108/PyxelEdit.exe

Some things you may notice are the file paths and the version number. You might need to change those when new updates come out so be careful. Also if you did not put PyxelEdit in the /opt folder, you will simply just need to put in the file path that PyxelEdit is in for you. Also feel free to change anything in there to what ever you want. :)
4. Save the file. If it was successful, the file's new icon image should be the PyxelEdit heart logo and not just an empty file logo.
5. Now you can use it just like a short cut! You can also drag and drop it into your Unity Launcher for ease of access later on!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are a Linux user and you are considering buying this software. I would say to at least try the free version to see if it works in wine on your computer and if it does, buy the full version. It is a reeaally good piece of software, priceless to developers like me. Thank you Danik!


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    That's great! Thanks for writing that up. I will send people here when they ask about it. :)
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    When I first found out about PyxelEdit there was little to no information about how to run it on Linux or even a confirmation that it does run at all. I bought it anyway and I thought I would do exactly that so that other Linux users can have assurance that it does work and learn how to make it work. So I'm glad I could help!
  • I'm on a Linux computer and bought PyxelEdit just now thanks to this page. It seems to work perfect. If you already have Wine installed as I did and have .exe files associated with Wine, you only need to double click the installer to start the installation and follow it as you would do on a Windows computer.
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    When I wrote this guide I had no idea I would be using it myself. Just re-installed ubuntu and  completely forgot how to do this, but luckily I made a guide xD
  • I'm on a Linux computer and bought PyxelEdit just now thanks to this page. It seems to work perfect. If you already have Wine installed as I did and have .exe files associated with Wine, you only need to double click the installer to start the installation and follow it as you would do on a Windows computer.
    Sry for the late reply :P I'm glad you liked it and that this guide actual convinced someone to get this great piece of software. Yea it's not hard to do on your own since all you need is wine. The most important part about this is that is confirms that the program works on linux (so people aren't scared to risk the $10) and for ubuntu users shows how to make it seems like a linux application by making a launcher icon.
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    Great one, thanks.
    Bought PyxelEdit a while ago & I'm using it alot.
    Recently I've switched my 'work' station over to linux.
    This helped me alot. :)
  • The download link for the theme is broken?
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    - Install WINE with your package manager / AppCenter
    - Download & Install the 64bit Windows exe version of PyxelEdit as normal
    - Download the 32bit portable zip windows version
    - Copy/paste the content of the zip into the installation directory: /home/YOURUSERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/PyxelEdit (default)

    Now you can launch PyxelEdit as any other program on your Linux distro without the hassle of manually creating a shortcut.
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    I bougth PyxelEdit when I had a dual boot set up so i just used it on windows,
    I was scared it wouldn't work because I'm using linux only now.
    (ya know, some software don't work well with wine)
  • Hi!

    I wanted to update this post with my personal experience trying to run PyxelEdit on Fedora 33:

    I didn't need the portable package, it was just a waste of time.

    Just download the regular windows installer, run it, and you are done.
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    Hello, guys,

    I just wanted to let you guys know how I managed to install Pyxel Edit on Ubuntu 20.04.

    First of all, I tried to follow the instructions and tips you guys shared (thank you!) with no luck. My wine version is 5.0 along with winetricks.

    * I installed PlayOnLinux and installed the 64 version of Wine 6.0.
    * Then I created a virtual drive for Pyxel Edit (not sure if that's needed) and installed the 64 version of Pyxel Edit.
    * After creating the shortcut, I was able to run the program through PlayOnLinux.

    Hope this helps anyone in the future.
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    Just created an account to say thank you, vedioboy :)
    Have a nice day.
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