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I can't find a contact link on the website to ask this directly so figured I would post it. Basically, I'm after a quote on 10 licences of PE and a second quote for 30 licences. I couldn't see anything on the checkout options regarding multiple purchases. This is for a school.


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    Hello ldwebster, the contact information of the developper is on this website, just not in the most obvious place (like a Contact Me page). His contact info can be found on the Home page of this website under the "The Developer" Sub Title.

    Here's what it says:

    "Pyxel Edit is being developed by Daniel Kvarfordt, who you can contact at danik@[this domain] or on twitter at @Danik112."

    Hope I have helped!
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    Hi ldwebster,
    Unfortunately there is no functionality for buying multiple licenses in the Humble Widget. However, you may add an extra amount corresponding to the additional seats you want using the tip field. Adding $9 * 2 would add an extra two seats and so on.

    I haven't thought about educational licenses, but I'm certainly willing to give a discount because I think it would be really cool if Pyxel Edit was used in education. Let me know what would be reasonable, you can send me a mail at danik@[this domain].
  • Email sent. It's worth thinking about. The education of game design and programming is starting to become a pretty big thing as more educators realize just how many skills students can learn from the process and how engaged they are with the subject. It's definitely a market that I would be targeting if I had a product that tailored to it.

    I know a couple of different schools that are also exploring game design (mostly through GMS, although there's a couple that are talking about UE4 now that it's free) as part of their curriculum. If we can get something sorted then I'd be happy to pass on a recommendation through word of mouth.
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