Observations and Feature Requests

Hey Danik. Once again, reiterating how fantastic this program is, and how much it's grown. You've really managed to zero on on the requests and added alot of great features, that probably make this one of the best Sprite editing programs out there.

There's some adjustments that would probably help it get even better:

Onion-Skinning Issue: It's great this is here, but I noticed that the shadow of the previous or next frame tends to be below the current frame. Thus if the current frame is cover it, it becomes largely useless as a feature. The non-opaque image should either appear above the current frame, or we should have a checkbox to choose if it's above or below.

FrameEdit: Probably one of the best things int his program. My only issue is I cannot see the selection marquee in the frame edit window when I go to select something. It only appears on the main canvas, yet you can still drag stuff around in FrameEdit.

Palette: Could we get a color replace/ palette color replace hotkey? If it exists, lemme know.

I know hotkey editing has been requested. Considering how poorly documented Pyxel is, Hotkey editing is gonna really make it alot easier to learn the program hotkeys.

-----Feature Requests

Move Tool: Shocked this isn't in yet, as the functionality is there. Currently, we can only move something if we have a selection. However, it'd be nice to have a tool that's only purpose is to either A) Move an entire layer when no selection is made or B) Move a selection. Some ways to implement this is to keep all the same functions as the selection tool, such as ctrl+alt drag cloning, but when using the SELECTION tool, holding control should change it into the MOVE tool (while releasing control changes it back to the select tool.) While using this tool, even clicking outside of selected pixels (outside the marching ants) should still move the selection. Clicking inside should wrap  the selection to the pixels, as the select tool currently does. Pressing arrow keys when move tool is in use should move all pixels on a layer, or selected pixels 1 (maybe five if shift is being held? Or CTRL+Shift if you're using the select tool) pixel that direction. If a selection box is drawn around pixels and you use the move tool + arrow key functionality, it should wrap the selection to the pixels, and then move it. I realize this is all very specific and demanding, but I honestly just want to be clear with my idea.

Rotate and Mirror (Pixels): Rotate and Mirror (Horizontal and Vertical) would be super useful when working in the program. Firstly, there should be some buttons that appear when 'transforming' a selection. Secondly, it'd be even more useful to have hotkeys.

In photoshop, I currently have it set like this:
Rotate clockwise 90 (ctrl+.) (or ">" for reasoning) 
Rotate Counter-clockwise 90 (ctrl+,) (or "<" for reasoning) 
Flip Horizontal (ctrl+shift+/)
Flip Vertical (ctrl+shift+alt+/) 

Here's how I feel it would best work:
When pixels are selected, the hotkeys will perform actions as expected, flipping or rotating the selected pixels.
When no pixels are selected, the actions will affect all pixels on a layer calculating their center and using that as the basis for the rotation/mirror point.
When a selection box is drawn around pixels, and the hotkeys are used, the selection should wrap to the pixels and then mirror/rotate

Merge Layers: Hotkey plz.

When hovering over a button, it should show if it has a hotkey.

Thank you for giving us this great program!


  • BenBen Posts: 4
    Would utilizing the on/off eye on the layers as well as the layer opaqueness help with your onion skin issues?
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Hi AngryRobot, thanks for the feedback!

    I will try moving the onion skin on top of the current frame and see how that works. The selection drawing in the frame edit view will also be fixed, hopefully in the next release. Replace color and merge layers hotkeys should be quick to add.

    About hotkeys, I will add a dialog showing all the currently active key bindings, which should help learnability. Also, in the coming release it will be easier to edit the bindings (still in a json file though, but separate from other settings).

    A move tool has some complications when considering tile mappings etc. but it has been requested quite a lot so I'll see if it can be done in a nice way. Thanks for the in depth description.
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