Request a transparent overlay feature


I've got a feature request for a programmer who's not very good at art yet.  I would like a transparent overlay of a different image I've imported into PyxelEdit over the Tileset/Single sprite I'm working on.  

For example, I've got a file with a running dog frameset.  If I just clip out each frame and scale it down to a 32x32 pixel image, I loose way too much detail.  

I'm imagining a workflow as follows:

I open a new tileset/sprite in one window.  Then I select the "Overlay" option, which ask fors an image file.  This opens the overlay window, which is like a color chooser, with the image and some controls.  The image I choose is a large 1920x1080 image, but it's relatively small in the overlay window.

The overlay window also has a white rectangle with the same width/height ratio as my tileset.  I can grow it, shrink it, and move it around inside the overlay window.  Whatever is inside the square is displayed as an overlay onto the tileset or sprite image.  It would also be good to be able to adjust the alpha transparency with a slider or something.

Whatever part of the overlay image that's in the white square is transparently rendered over my sprite, so that the top/left/bottom/right of the overlay square match the screen size of my sprite.

Yes, I am a programmer, and I know it wouldn't be easy.  But if I could overlay a full-resolution image over my tiny 32x32 and let me draw my pixel outline by tracing with style, it would save me a lot of time.

I've never coded in Adobe Air, so if this is just crazy, I understand.
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