Few questions before buying...

I'm really considering buying full version of PyxelEdit, but have some question regarding functions (I used free version, and not everything can be seen on pics or videos).
Is there some way to change opacity of layer? I know you can use just onion skin, but what I would found useful would be simple opacity.
Is there some kind of transform tool? Think Ctrl+T in Photoshop.
Can layers be grouped to have better ordering of the whole project?
Does GUI have some option to hook it to the corners? I don't like having to change window placement each time I launch the program.
I know there is selection tool. Is there any way to add to/subtract from selection to have shape other than rectangle?
Thanks for your answers!


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Hi Salem,
    Yes, you can change the opacity of layers and there is a transform tool.
    No, there are no layer groups.
    Yes, the panels in the paid version are attached to the edges of the window.
    You can add and subtract from selections, using the rectangular selection tool or the magic wand (but no other shapes yet).
    I hope that answers your questions.
  • SalemSalem Posts: 3
    Yes, that answers my questions completely. I'm hoping that option to group layers is something that will be added. Despite this small drawback, I am certainly going to buy PE soon.
    Thanks for answering!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    No problem. :)
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