Animated Tiles

First, I have been using this product for only a few days and can say it has increased my speed and output incredibly! Prototyping tile sheets and level layouts is so much easier. One feature I would really like to see is the ability to have each tile have it's own animation capability. So, if I have a tile that is a few blades of grass, I would like to be able to animate them (maybe flowing in the wind) as an object within in a tile, and have some sort of live preview mode of the animation within the main canvas. This would be great for tiles like water or lava as well, which usually have some animation to them, if only a few frames. Thanks and keep up the great work!


  • I agree totally and such a feature would be awesome.  Maybe have a system in the same way as layers where you can add a layer for each tile (an animation frame) and a way of setting each tile's animation speed.  Then when you're happy with the effect have a bake (convert to additional tiles) or just make this an option on title set export which will just add them when you're exporting the tile set.  

    Another animation effect used back in the day was colour cycling.  It would be nice if you could set up a palette range for this and be able to generate a number of frames in the same way. 

    I think it's a really strong and usable app so far and I'm really enjoying using it.  :) 
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