Double-click to select a Tile (The time between clicks needs tweaking to avoid mistakes.)

PajaroidePajaroide Posts: 30
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I draw and move pixels pretty fast and I use the selection tool a lot.

I end up double-clicking a lot when I select, move and deselect my drawings and end up selecting a Tile by mistake hundreds of times a day.

Right now the double clicking function has a maximum delay of almost 0.4 secs to activate the Tile selection... I think it needs to be in the order of maximum 0.1 secs between clicks to avoid punishment for working fast.

In Windows, when opening a file you need to double click fast to open it... and double click very slowly to change its name. Right now Pyxel Edit has a time similar to the later and it messes a lot with my workflow :(

Please Danik, maybe it's just a variable somewhere in the code? I've tried to live with it for months but it's really driving me crazy :(


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Sorry about that. It currently uses a ready made double click event in Air, but I'll see if it can be reimplemented to use a custom click interval. Perhaps the double click to select tile-feature should also be possible to disable using a setting.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply Danik :) An option to disable it would be awesome. 
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