Invalid activation key

I've just purchased Pyxel Edit, but I get the error "Invalid Activation Key". Am I able to request a new one?


  • DanikDanik Posts: 788
    Hi, there was a backslash in your name that triggered a bug. I removed the slash (hope you don't mind), so if you grab a new key it should work!
  • darcygdarcyg Posts: 2
    Perfect, it works now thank you! I figured the slash was the problem... I guess my parents weren't thinking ahead about escaping characters for SQL when they added the apostrophe to my name :)
  • Hi, Im having the same problem, could you solve mine too? 
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited May 2016

    Are you certain that you're inserting the whole key? including the ----BEGIN ACTIVATION KEY---- and END?
    If it indeed is a problem with your name having an empty space, you may get it solved faster by contacting Danik via his mail.
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