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I'm using a Wacom drawing tablet. How do I increase/decrease brush sizes? Shift + scroll is not an option, since I don't have scroll on the tablet pen. Numpad +/- are only zooming the image. Sometimes I've been able to use ] and [ brackets as in Photoshop, and it ACCIDENTALY worked. But usually it isn't working. I have no idea why.


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    alt + cmd and drag mouse (OS X) or alt + ctrl or shift and drag mouse (Windows),
    I am uncertain about the shortcut for Windows, it is either ctrl or shift... also Pyxeledit is bugged on OS X (possibly also on Windows), so you have to hold down alt first and then ctrl or shift. One of them should work.
  • It's shift + mouse scroll for me on Windows. But since I'm using a drawing tablet, I wanted to find some hotkeys, that won't require me to switch my hand for mouse.

    Right now I just binded brush sizes to my Wacom customizable buttons. Works ok, I'm just used to a position where my left hand is on keyboard and my right hand is holding tablet pen.
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    Like CandyFace said, you should be able to hold Ctrl+Alt (in that order) and then click and drag left/right to change the brush size.
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    You know it works when you can do this:
  • Thanks, looks like it's working that way!
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