Import an image and automatically make tiles from it.

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Is there a way to automatically import an image, make tiles from it, and keep those tiles placed automatically?  

My current work flow is:
  1. Draw a map in iDraw or some other vector editor.
  2. Export the layers as png files.
  3. Import the layer one at a time into PyxelEdit, pasting it onto a PyxelEdit layer.
  4. Make tiles from all the tiles that have "stuff in them".
  5. Remove duplicates.
PyxelEdit has a tool to import an image and turn it into a tile set, and it allows you to import an image and paste it into a layer, but I don't see a way to import an image, turn it into a layer, and automatically turn all cells into a tile.  Without this, I have to manually pick each tile I want to convert, which is inefficient when you can already eliminate duplicate tiles or unmap them and trash them.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Yeah that sounds like a lot of unnecessary manual work. A "Map all unmapped tiles in layer" function could be useful.
    I will give it some thought, thanks for the input.
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