Antialiased Line/Shape Drawing

jwucherjwucher Posts: 7
edited December 2014 in Feature requests
Currently, the "density" setting allows you to work with a brush with a hard center but softer edges.  However, this is NOT the same as anti-aliasing all by itself.  For example, when you draw a line using a lower density brush, you get equal color dissipation on both sides and a hard color up the center of the line.  Instead, it would be excellent to have a true anti-aliased line drawn.  

This article shows a well-known algorithm for doing this, which controls the "brightness" of the pixel based on the length from the main line.  You could probably choose whether the brightness is the opacity, which gets you out of concerns of adding new colors to the palette.  Or you could actually use this as the Brightness in an HSB model based on the foreground/background color, which would add the new colors to the palette.

Right now, I have to do the line drawing in another program (Krita) then import it into Pyxel for tiling and testing, which is not optimal.
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