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Just bought the software this morning and a lot of things are changed in better.
I didn't find any other software this good for my work and for this reason i decided to share some ideas that would make this program even better.
(I don't expect anything but if some of these ideas are barely possible it would be great)

1) As I mentioned earlier the shape tool but with another shapes to add;  "rhombus" that i forgot to mention before. (Plus filled shape tool)
2) Import an image as a layer and free trasform tool for change an image resolution (Because I use hand drawing pictures for my pixelated characters)
3) An option to maintain the aspect ratio during the resize; because is pretty hard calculate the exact dimension of the canvas without stretching it.
4) Use tile brush in free space. (*puff.. i don't know what I'm talking about ...that's not actually possible but whatever)
5) Text layer (without antialiasing)
6) Curve line tool (Like the old MS.Paint for XP)

That's pretty much it for now ;D

P.s Keep it up!
P.s.s. Sorry for my bad english


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Thanks for buying, hope you'll find it useful!

    1) Yes, filled shapes will be possible in addition to outlined shapes.
    2) Import image as layer: maybe, this will get less important with copy/paste support though. Free transform would be nice to add eventually.
    3) Yup!
    4) One thing that could be done would be to define a "brush" or stamp from a selection or tile, and being able to draw using that.
    5,6) Maybe in the future.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Was going to ask about copy/paste, nice to know it's already on the list. 

  • @Danik: just perfect! Seems like almost everything is possible somehow :D
    Even the n°4 is possible with the "brush/stamp from selection" kind of idea :D Great!
    n°5 and n°6 are not that necessary anyway :)

    Thanks again!
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