My Thoughts On Pyxel Edit As A Pixel Artist

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I have been using Pyxel edit for a couple months now and it has replaced my other tools (pixen,asesprite) It didn't take long to develop a new work flow inside the program and has honestly changed it for the better. I would even say it has effected my style. The quick size adjustment of the pencil size is something I've never had as a pixel artist and I find it a simple yet amazing game changer. The color stepper is really amazing as well and is a great fast way to keep moving. I love the the scaling and rotation, though the lack of an quick and easy flip is frustrating. I've also been doing some contract work that requires me to send individual files instead of a sprite sheet mostly because they need a XML file to use it. I did however notice there is an XML export but when I sent it to the people hiring me they said it was missing a lot of data like x,y coordinates.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I'm really in love with this program. I'm so happy it was made and I looking forward to its growth and I have already recommended it to lots of people.

some art i've made with it




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    Thanks, I'm really glad you like it!

    The tile coordinates in the XML file are tile position based, so you'd need to multiply with the tile dimensions if you want to position them off the grid as objects. The tile with and height are properties of the root tag.
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