Use 2 or more tiles in 1-click

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Hi there,
This program works great as always and after 1 year i won't change it with any other pixel-art program outhere.
I've read the frequent questions section and even though it says that this program dosen't support isometric i've found a way to draw and tile in isometric view anyway.

I've drawn a cube in a tile with this size [16x8] and with the selection tool i copied and pasted the same cube over and over on the same canvas and stuff like that.
The selection tool is a little bit tricky to use so i was wondering if i could suggest something for the next issues.

1. As the title says - Use 2 or more tiles at the same time buy selecting more than 1 tile.
It would be pretty nice because instead of building the cube all the time, selecting the whole 8 tiles that compose the cube and place them in one click on 8 blank tiles of the canvas may speed up the work a lot.

..and well i think that's it, i can't think of anything else for now since the program work pretty dang well despite this request.

Thanks for your time.


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    Neat, I'm glad you got it to work for isometric tiles. I'd be interested in seeing how you work with it. :)
    Multi-tile drawing is on the way, and I think that will solve your problem.
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    Yes, great! I'll show you right away, thanks a lot!

    As you can see i splited in 8 parts the tile image so i can build easly the cube in the canvas with the same division.
    Of course, pile up cubes can be done just with level layers.

    To be fair i've found an alternative way by working with Pixel edit for drawing the isometric tiles and Tiled map editor to tile them in an isometric space but a multi-tile drawing would save my work anyway.
    So thanks a lot!
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