iPad / iPhone version of Pyxel Edit?

SouriSouri Posts: 13
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There've been times when I've been looking at my tablet and thinking "damn, wouldn't it be nice to do some pixel art on it", especially when I'm away from my desktop. Granted, there are pixel art apps on the App Store, but none are close to the functionality or workflow of Pyxel Edit.

I don't know the complexities of bringing over Adobe Air applications to mobile (it seems like Adobe allows you to package and deploy to the App Store), although I'd guess it would require rethinking the interface and UX for a touch surface.

But being able to continue your work from the desktop via iCloud or Dropbox save and working directly from a pen to screen is really appealing. Any thoughts on bringing Pyxel Edit to mobile?


  • DelahDelah Posts: 18
    I would buy it too. When I am at work and have nothing to do, I would love to use Pyxel Edit on my iPhone or iPad.
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    While i think it would be great to have Pyxel Edit on iPad, I would prefer that Danik waited with something like that. Possibly when he has implemented all his intended stuff, he could look into a touch version. 
  • It would indeed be pretty cool to have a full suite on mobile. My Galaxy Note would definitely work well with it, due to the wacom stylus having great precision.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
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    It should definitely be doable, but will require a lot of time, which I seem to be constantly short on. :) The UI and OS interfacing stuff would need to be changed. I really want to do it later if I get a chance though.
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    I would love a ipad version too. especially with the new Intous creative stylus 2 that is coming out now would be a perfect fit for PyxelEdit on the Ipad.

    I could actually really work mainly on my Ipad then. that would be awesome :D <3
  • SouriSouri Posts: 13
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    Hey, that looks useful! I had my heart on getting this from Fifty Three because I think my hands would be more comfortable with gripping a carpenter's pencil-like shape during long time use. It was only just made recently available for international order (previously U.S only):

    Plus it was made for the Paper app which is real cool for doodling and quick sketches. The three buttons on that Intous stylus would definitely be useful for a future app like Pyxel Edit though (drop colour picker, Undo, and Eraser/Pencil toggle?).
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