So I heard about this program called Pyxel Edit...

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Oh Hai! 

I'm a beginner Java game programmer who is leisurely making a little game, mainly for my kids. It is (will be) a mathematical RPG. The intent is for the kids to have some fun and reinforce simple mathematics in the process. Naturally, as the sole developer and designer of this game, tentatively titled, "The Cheese", I found the need and want for graphics. As the game progressed, I found more need for graphics and began some research on the topic. I used GIMP and was happy with it when I came across this video talking about the pixel art application. After a week, I decided to 'test drive' it and record my interactions. the next thing I knew, I was 2 hours in and it felt like 10 minutes. Pyxel Edit was a syringe to my vein. After editing the videos, chopping some of the slow parts, and speeding everything up 2x speed, I still had 30 minutes of footage. This was meant to be a 5 minute video... So now I have 4 videos...
And a purchased version of Pyxel Edit.

My wife is going to hate you....



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    Thanks, I'm happy you found Pyxel enjoyable. Very nice video, interesting to see someone start it up for the first time! :)
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    Hey Danik!
    Firstly, thanks for the program!
    I made a few pixel gifs for a few of my friends who were doing Ludum Dare 30. Not for their game but to cheer them on.
    I have to say, the ability to copy and dupe and flip tiles is invaluable for me. It saves me a ton of time.
    I'm still on the learning curve too. After my 4part let's test, I'm definitely going to make some let's pixels with v0.3.

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    haha lol @Hamenopi, I just downloaded your all 4 videos , I have seen two parts of your videos and they are good. This software is great and can do lots of work in no time, @Danik you made this software so cleverly that it's just a marble piece and is too powerful.

    Thanks for making it.
  • Hey!
    That's awesome @thehorseman007! I just made a #PyxelEdit Playlist for my videos that feature Pyxel Edit. It's already 9 and I think I have 2 more that I haven't uploaded to YouTube yet. 

    I'm actually amazed by my own personal progress in scratch spriting and pixel art. I'd of never improved at this rate just using GIMP. Not knocking GIMP, I use both programs religiously now.

    You can follow my progression here
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