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I was a tad iffy on buying this since there's not a real trial, but I figured you can't really go wrong with $9.  It works pretty well, but it does have the same issue I had with pro motion.  I like it pixel with my drawing tablet and, especially in tiling mode, its extremely laggy.  With the mouse there's no issues, I'd really prefer to smoothly draw with my pen.  As I said, pro motion had this same issue so maybe it has something to do with working in multiple tiles at once. 

Some type of grid overlay would be really helpful, it's hard to work on a game that requires a 32x32 grid without an overlay.

Overall, I like the program, but it won't become my primary yet


  • I'm using a Wacom Intuos4 on Mac OS X with a 2009 MacBook Pro, and I'm not running into any issues. It's responsive, and I can draw from tile to tile normally without an issue, and no lag in tiling mode.
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    That's odd.

    One possible reason I can think of is if the tablet gives multiple movement events within a single pixel (for sub pixel accuracy). Could you try setting a really low density (10 for example), and then drawing a straight line with the mouse and then with the tablet? I would like to know if the one drawn with the tablet gets more dense.
  • oops, i guess i had something set funky.  It seems to be working fine now, thanks for the response :)
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    The lag comes from windows character input stuff (the little box in the bottom). Just deactivate it in wacom menus.
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