Panning and zooming in the frame edit window makes switching frames wonky

dustinauxdustinaux Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Bug reports
I work in the frame edit window for most of an animation, and I've noticed I think with the last update that whenever I pan and zoom on a frame, then use the arrow buttons at the bottom to go to the previous/next frame, the canvas is re-positioned to another location and doesn't stay put, which makes it really frustrating to quickly compare frames.

I'm using 0.3.108 and I don't remember this happening in 0.3.107.


  • Also I've never had the selection box work in the frame edit window... the functionality works but the selection boundaries are always invisible.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 835
    Yes, this is a really annoying bug in 0.3.108. It will be fixed in the next version. I'm also aware of the selection rendering issue in the frame edit view.
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