Cocos2d TMX fileformat support

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Before anything, I just bought Pyxel and I'm in love with it, quite productive and has a ton of little features. Here is my list of user-features I would like to see:

- Do you plan on supporting TMX tilemaps format?
- Is it possible to add custom properties to the tiles and the tilemaps?
- Is it possible to add fake objects with custom properties?



  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Hi TraxNet,
    Yes, I'm considering supporting TMX tilemaps, nothing definite yet though.
    It's not possible to have custom properties or objects yet, so a dedicated tilemap editor like Tiled is recommended for level editing if you need those features.
  • I would recommend adding at least custom properties to tiles.   I just wrote a quick and dirty python script to convert the XML output of PyxelEdit to a .tmx file (attached), but this is an interim solution and one that I don't like because it means I have to walk away from my PyxelEdit project file once I start adding properties in Tiled (or lose the properties for even a minor change in PyxelEdit...yuck).

    PyxelEdit has features that Tiled does not...and a much better interface.  If you add the ability to compete with Tiled in format, you have a better tool.  I would pay 2x (or more, again) for a tool that will save me having to lose my work by going to Tiled.  I need to use .tmx files for my flow, at least for now.
  • artkomartkom Posts: 3
    Hi, I recently bought Pyxel Edit - I really like it. I'm a programmer and I work with game engines, such as Phaser and Cocos2d-x. But, as has been said, it is very desirable to be able to export to TMX format.
    And we still need the same functions as in the Tiled editor - it's the ability to place collision zones and the ability to create objects with custom properties. I know that this is a lot of work, but I would also be able to pay more money in this case. In any case, thanks for the great tool and apologize for my english.
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