Could we get some quick shape tools and maybe some shading tools?

8BitSword8BitSword Posts: 1
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This program is great, but the only thing I feel that it's missing is the tool to quickly draw a circle, square, or triangle like on most other art programs. I also think that there should be a tool that you can click two points and it makes a curved line that you can adjust, like old MS paint. Also some easy shading tools like the spray paint tool in old MS paint would be nice for providing some easy and quick shading. Maybe we could have the option to even supply our own textures for customized shading?


  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 53
    You can change the shape of the brush to a square or circle and increase the size of the brush to place a quick circle or square. Similarly you can also increase the brush's scatter value to create a similar effect to the MS paint spray brush.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 776
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    Yes, shape tools are coming at some point. I want to avoid having to maintain many tools that would make it slower/harder to make certain changes and improvements.
    In the mean time you can use InkBot's method as a workaround. Rectangles can be made with the selection tool and triangles by making straight lines with the pen (holding Shift), and then filling.
  • Is there a spray brush yet?
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