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So I bought the beta and I haven't received an e-mail to download the program. That was like an hour and a half ago. I sent an e-mail to the support e-mail address and haven't received a reply. I saw another post about this and thought I should make one as well. 


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    I have responded to the mail, sorry for the delay (I was asleep).

    For future reference this page can be used to resend the mail:
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    Well this is what I got when I tried to resend it. I don't see any links anywhere in the e-mail.


    Someone requested the licenses associated with this address.
    If you did not request this message please ignore it.

    Below are the links associated with this address.

    Please bookmark or store the link(s) in a safe place!


    And in the support response it said that you couldn't find a license with this email address, but here is a screenshot of my desktop after paying for the beta.

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    I can see the transaction, so I don't doubt you have paid or anything, I just couldn't find the license for that mail and assumed you had registered with a different one.
    I will investigate why there's no license right away.
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    For some reason PayPal didn't send a notification for the transaction, it doesn't exist even in the notification history... I have no clue why but I will create the license for you manually instead.

    You'll get a mail shortly, apologies for the inconvenience!
  • Thank you, but whenever I click the download buttons for the adobe air version and the portable version, it takes me to a page that simply says invalid licence.
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    Doh! Sorry, the link had some excess junk at the end, I have sent a new working link.
  • Thanks again. The program is installed and it successfully activated. Thank you for your quick replies.
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