Pyxel Edit and Phaser Framework

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Hi, I just started using both Pyxel Edit and Phaser, I'm trying to get tiled maps working but can't seem to get it. When I say and export as a json file it tells me that Phaser only supports orthogonal maps. Is there a setting for this, or does Pyxel edit just not support that or am I just doing everything wrong completely. If anyone has used both PE and Phaser together and could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


  • seitenseiseitensei Posts: 7

    To my understanding, Phaser specifically supports JSON files that follow Tiled's JSON format. There are a number of differences between the JSON exported by PyxelEdit and the JSON exported by Tiled, which is to say that Phaser doesn't support the JSON Tilemaps exported by PyxelEdit without modification (to my understanding).
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Like Seitensei said, Phaser uses a different tilemap format so you'd have to implement the loading.

    Maybe this AS3 example is helpful since AS3 and Javascript are very similar:
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