Hi, I'm Max - hobby game developer, just purchased pyxeledit and it's really great!
One feature seems to be missing that I think could be very useful for many people:
Currently transform supports mirroring and rotation, which covers many use cases. However for certain animations it is usual to have parts (like torso / legs) to move e.g. 1 or 2 pixels in a certain direction without changing the pixels of the bodypart itself. An offset basically. Currently I can copy these tiles and move them, but I loose the reference with this and if I change the body part I have to repeat that process. It would be very useful if one could the transform of tilereferences also supports offset (x/y). That way you keep the references and only have to draw the stuff once. 


  • MaxMax Posts: 2
    ok found out I can activate it under settings as an experimental feature. Thread can be closed. Maybe think about not hiding it that much ;)
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