tips for quick design for tricks perspectives?

hello there, I am doing a background elemetns for a game purpose, for now doiing a mockup , I am very noob on pixel art, I meant I know some concepts and things , cause I am related to 2D artwork in general,  so my most difficult thing is to create tiles of 45 degree (in some mannner like the yellowish template) ..if you see I ve created a simple flat planes as reference for the main perspective of the game (howeer there are some tricky areas where I need some kind of isometric perspective) to join with the more playable areas .. this tilded areas are isometrics and they are like transitions poins of the game..
so I need to know a trick for this.
I manage so complcated tho create this 2D perspective (like a prince of persia perspective) I mean I am only use the "placer tool" (a) tool. to create a tile based on this perspective. 
I would like to know any idea,suggestion ,course ,tutorial, tip, blogs... or how to build this kind of perspectives with Pyxel Edit. 
Thank you.
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