Using the Numeric Keypad to navigate the selection box in the Tile panel

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I'd like to suggest something that may be very appreciated by Pyxel Edit users.

We all find that it's not very convenient to draw maps and levels based on tiles we have in hand in our Tile panel, as we need to go back and forth with the mouse from the canvas to picking different tiles from the Tile panel. Even drawing small things, such as just replicating a 3x3 tiles from the Tile panel which contains the middle, top, right, down, left and all 4 corner tiles would take roughly 15-20 seconds to place down in the canvas for the average user...

I came up with an idea that perhaps the developer could allow the Numeric Keypad to affect the selection box in the Tile panel, even if the Tile panel is not in focus. That way we could very easily keep our mouse pointer in the canvas, while navigating between the different tiles with the numeric keypad; the reason I'm suggesting the Numeric Keypad and not just the arrow keys is because the Numeric Keypad also has corner keys (7, 9, 3, 1 ) which could serve for jumping with the selection box diagonally. Yet, having an option to use the regular arrow keys for this as well would probably be very appreciated by users that don't have numeric keypad on their keyboards. 

If such feature is considered, it would also be very handy if in addition to the tile-by-tile navigating feature, that we could have an option "lock" the selection box in the Tile panel on a specific middle tile, and that way Keypad #5 will serve as this middle tile, and all the keypads around it could be pressed to picking the tiles around that specific middle tile.

To make this all make sense if I couldn't describe it enough in words, attached a screenshot that I made with an overlay of the Numeric Keypad over the tiles I wish it could represent.

Thanks for looking into this!

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