Can tiles be tagged?

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As the title states, can you add metadata/tags to individual tiles? I'm thinking things like "isCollidable", "isDoor", etc. Right now my "solution" is to add an invisible layer for each type of tag (i.e., I have a "Collision" layer and a "Doors" layer). When I load the tileset into my game, I apply the information from each "tag" layer into the appropriate data structure. But not sure if there is a better way to accomplish this.


  • a1rsh1pa1rsh1p Posts: 3
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    If anyone stumbles across this, my "solution" is to just used Tiled ( PyxelEdit is great for the artistic side of map making, but it's not very good for making the actual maps. My solution has been to design all the tiles in PyxelEdit and then import them as a tileset into Tiled to make the actual map, which can have layers, objects, paths, collision, and more.

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