Can't copy paste images from clipboard since new Pyxeledit update

Copying images or stuff with snipping tool and pasting in Pyxeledit doesn't work anymore. Anyone else having this issue? 

I use this method to sometimes use the color picker on stuff i paste into Pyxel. 


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    That sounds pretty bad. I assume you are on Windows since you mention the snipping tool, correct?
    I tried it here on Windows Home 10.0.19042 and it appears to be working.
    Does it fail every time you try to paste? Could you check which Windows version you are on? (Press Win+R, type msinfo32, press enter to open System Information and see the version number)

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    Thank you for replying!

    My win version is: 10.0.22000, and I'm running Windows 11. The snipping tool is updated in Win11, could that be the problem?

    Copying images from google for example with CTRL+C and then in PyxelEdit CTRL+V works. But it's the Snipping Tool that I can't paste from. And also some trouble with the new WIN+V clipboard. If I copy an image with right click from google, CTRL+V works and also WIN+V works if I select the most recent picture in the Clipboard. But have I made a Snip with Snipping Tool, nothing from the Clipboard will work. 

    It's a tricky one...
  • WalleWalle Posts: 11

  • WalleWalle Posts: 11
    I've noticed that I sometimes can't even copy images from Google to Pyxel. Something is happening so that Pyxel blocks my clipboard pastes.
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    I can confirm this as well, copying something with "win+shift+s" and pasting from clipboard does not work. But it works if you first paste it into paint, copy it and then paste it into pyxel edit. (Windows 10)
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