Saving more than 10 frames of animation as images adds 0 prefix to first 10 of frames.

Platform: Windows 10
PyxelEdit version: 0.4.95

Steps to reproduce:
 - Open PyxelEdit
 - Prepare animation that contains more than 10 frames.
 - Press File -> Export -> Animations (Ctrl + Shift + A)
 - Click "Frames"
 - Select Animation, path and press
 - Press "Save"
 - Press "Open Path"
 - <Window explorer window opens with saved files>

First 10 frames of animation start with 0 prefix.
test_Animation 1_00.png <- Wrong
test_Animation 1_01.png <- Wrong
test_Animation 1_09.png <- Wrong
test_Animation 1_10.png <- Correct
test_Animation 1_01.png <- Correct

File names should start without any prefix.
test_Animation 1_0.png
test_Animation 1_1.png
test_Animation 1_10.png
test_Animation 1_11.png


  • siwy160siwy160 Posts: 3
    Other solution to problem would be to make it configurable.
     - Checkmark to apply prefix or not.
     - Make prefix configurable with number of zeros i wan't to have before it. For example: I could set two zeros at start and first file would always look like "test_animation_001.png"

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