Tablet pressure

The performance of this software is so much over the top of the other similar software that, I think, would be very beneficial to add pen pressure sensitivity for size and opacity, and softer brush tip, so that higher resolution tiles can be painted. 


  • NeznaikaNeznaika Posts: 35
    Why? It is pixel art editor. Limited colors, limited canvas, no anti-aliasing at all. You want turn PyxelEdit into Photoshop?
  • Danil2Danil2 Posts: 3
    Best thing about Pyxel are tlemaps, and if some simple brush engine is not hard to implement that would be great to create more hires 2d games
  • DanikDanik Posts: 897
    It could be useful for some things for sure, such as making smooth tapering strokes if pressure controls brush size. For opacity/flow I guess the need is not as big for pixel art.
    I looked into adding tablet pressure support some time back. Then it was not natively supported by the AIR platform and required per platform plugins which made it too complex/brittle to be worth it. This was some time ago so I should check if support has improved since then.
  • Danil2Danil2 Posts: 3
    Right now I think Krita has best workflow for hires tiles but is very tedious and has performance issues
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