Resize tiles pivot point.

Some time I need optimize sprite size - remove some space from left, right, top, down. If I have equals free space - for example cut 10 px from left border and 10px from right border - I can use Resize Tiles (set new width with centered). But if need cut 16 px from left border and 12 from right - there is way to do it. Only way - cut 12px from both at once, and leave 4 px free space in left border at sprite. So if Resize tiles was same resize pivot point like in resize canvas window it would be perfect for optimizing sprite with cut unused free space around.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 897
    That is a good point. Maybe there should be a button to automatically trim the tiles too (set max pixels to remove from each edge without removing any non-transparent pixels)
  • NeznaikaNeznaika Posts: 35
    Button for Auto trim - it would be perfect feature!!! Cool!!!
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