Thank you for making this app!

HachiHachi Posts: 1
Hello, I just came here to say thank you for making pyxel edit. I am visually impaired person and I rely on screen readers to control or navigate stuff. This is the only pixel art app that my screen reader called NVDA worked with!! I needed it to read up for me for what size I am going to make especially. Pyxel edit even doesn't make my PC freeze or anything with it while other photo editing or drawing apps did. 
I can read what I'm gonna make, Menues, what tool i select by shortcuts. I could'nt manage to make layer section to read though, Pyxel edit is amazing!!
I am very happy that I can work on pixels with my limited sight again!
Thank you very much.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Hi Hachi, thank you for sharing. I’m very glad to hear that. I actually didn’t know Pyxel Edit worked with screen readers, so I guess that’s a happy accident. Maybe the layers list can’t be read because it uses custom panels instead of standard buttons etc, that support tab traversal, not quite sure how screen readers work. 
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