RPG Maker VX's style custom tile brush.

gumustdogumustdo Posts: 13
edited July 2014 in Feature requests
I'd love to have a feature suggestion here. It would be cool if Pyxel Edit have the RPGMakerVX's style custom tile brush.
Where you can drag a cursor on Tile window for a pattern/object that larger than 1x1 square. for example, this red curtain.

In my current project, "Panthera Commando" there's various case that should benefit with this feature as well. mostly a larger BG tile, etcs.
Hope you will consider adding this.
PS. sorry for a super-huge screenshot XD


  • DanikDanik Posts: 850
    Hey Gumusto!
    As a matter of fact I am implementing this feature. It will only work with selecting tiles from the canvas at first (by dragging a rectangle), but I plan to also make it possible to do from the tileset.
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