PyxelEdit is blurry on macOS

PyxelEdit looks blurry on macOS. An old thread reveals that there is a switch to turn off "Apple Magnified Mode" [2].
It seems to work reasonably well, but it's annoying nevertheless. 

Is it possible to get an new option in "Settings..." so I don't have to start PyxelEdit from the terminal?

Btw macOS applications normaly use the word "Preferences" [1].


[2] The workaround
/Applications/ -AppleMagnifiedMode NO


  • PokeJoshPokeJosh Posts: 3
    Thanks for the workaround. I used to use this program all the time on my mac, and it gives me a headache to look at now that I've upgraded. I would use it with this workaround, but I'm experiencing some other glitches that are making the program extremely difficult to use. I really hope that we get some updates for mac, as this is my favorite pixel art program! I still use it on my desktop PC all the time, but I would love to use it when I'm away from home.
  • PokeJoshPokeJosh Posts: 3
    Hey, just an update in case you are still launching from the terminal. You can create a Shortcut with newer macOS versions that you can pin to your dock just like any normal app. I've done this using your terminal command and it launches without the terminal window and zero typing required! Besides other glitches that I'm still dealing with, this workaround does solve the terminal launching and blurriness issues!

    For anyone who might be wanting to do this:
    1. Open the Shortcuts app on macOS
    2. Create a new shortcut using the + icon
    3. In the search bar on the right, look up "Run Shell Script" and add it to the shortcut
    4. For the shell script, type the path of your PyxelEdit app in and add " -AppleMagnifiedMode NO" to the end
    (It will look similar to the command below from OP)
    /Applications/ -AppleMagnifiedMode NO
    5. Exit the window and right click on the new shortcut to name it whatever you want, change the color and the icon, and add it to your dock!

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