Separate move tool

Since I use a tablet as it's better on my wrist than a mouse, the way in which you are currently able to move certain chunks of the canvas is not intuitive at all. It takes a lot of extra effort, and despite tying a key to my tablet in order to make it easier.. half the time it doesn't work unless I try multiple times or just switch to my mouse. 

I think having the move tool being entirely separate would be much easier and more streamlined, especially when moving an entire layer. I'm actually horribly surprised it isn't already separate as there is a pan tool which i notice a lot of simpler programs like this lack and only have a scroll bar [though frankly I would very much enjoy if there were scroll bars as well]

Also apologies if a discussions for this already exists, I spent quite awhile searching but the word move popped up in far too many results for me to be able to find anything.
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