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I would like to suggest making a demo version of this program available. I'm currently looking for a map editor with a specific set of requirements. While I have no problem paying for software, I will only puchase something if I know it will meet my requirements. An old version is available, but the description indicates it isn't a valid indicator of the current version's suitability for my projects.

Thank you.


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    I have been considering releasing a free/demo/limited version, but have to figure out in what ways it should be limited. Pyxel Edit is still in beta so I prefer not having to maintain multiple versions at the moment.
    I would say it's not the best level editor out there as the focus is on creating the graphics, but for small levels consisting of only tiles it can be sufficient.

  • sandytfsandytf Posts: 2
    Thank you for the response. Presently, I'm searching for an editor to create/modify SNES backgrounds. My basic requirements are actually fairly simple, but I've been unable to find a satisfactory editor. I may have missed something, but a requirements list is below although I will probably just end up creating my own editor.

    1. Simple single map layer support
    2. Tiles can be flipped both vertically and horizontally in the map (i.e. each instance of a tile in a map can be flipped differently)
    3. Can edit tiles
    4. Supports 2BPP, 4BPP, and 8-bit color
    5. "Palette offsets" are stored in the map so each tile instance can have "it's own palette"
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    Pyxel Edit fulfills 1,2 and 3.
    For 4, PE only supports 32-bit ARGB pixel depth.
    For 5 I'm not totally sure how you mean, but PE does not support any indexed palette color modes.
    Hope that helps.

  • I will say that if you go for 9 dollars version , I am sure your money won't be wasted, as if you pay that for an artist , he won't even make you a single background , so I will say to go with paid version, it's useful in many ways.
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    I agree with thehorseman007
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