Animation stop (loop off).

Request check box in preferences - "don't rewind animation to first frame (no loop playback)."
It is very useful for developing one time play animation for example - death animation (I need is visually see how it look after animation end). Rewind to first frame is broke visual appearance of animation process. It would be nice if animation creator have choice for this options.


  • Or make play-pause button with 3 state:
    1. Play (triangle button). When animation is paused (loop on/ loop off).
    2. Pause (two vertical lines). When animation in play. (loop on/ loop off).
    3. Rewind (triangle with one vertical line). When animation ended at last frame (only in loop off mode).

    When loop mode off, animation play to end and stopped at last frame, then need click to rewind button - set current frame - first frame, and ready to play animation from current first frame once again.
    Hope it not difficult to implement. You can use images attached to this post. Hope it helps to speed up next update.

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