Ctrl+Tab document cycling isn't consistent (0.4.9 on win10)

I have three documents open. With document 1 in focus, Ctrl+Tab should bring me to document 2. From document 2, if I press the same keybind again it should bring me to document 3.
Instead, it only does that if I don't let go of control. If I let go of all keys each time, it instead switches back and forth between the current document and the next one. Sometimes the cycling behavior is reversed and instead of cycling from left to right it goes right to left, and the same behavior happens with Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

Does PyxelEdit use some kind of "cycle between recently used tabs" rule for this? If so, could we have a setting to switch between that and a more logical "always cycle left-to-right" behavior? I'm loving PyxelEdit so far, mainly for the convenient tile editing that Aseprite lacks, and also because it doesn't have a "pixel art everything" UI that Aseprite follows.
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