Quick switch to Eraser tool.

It would be nice to switch to eraser from pen at click. So I decide offer make it in this way:
Current tool - pen, when you click and hold right mouse button - activates color picker tool, but if make left mouse button click (when you hold right mouse button) then switch to eraser tool. It would be awesome! No need pressed hotkey or move cursor to panel and pressing ereaser tool. Just on the fly - pen, color selection tool (eyedropper), and eraser! Without pressed hotkey or UI, just clicks!!!


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    You can switch to the eraser by right clicking on a transparent area already (if "Auto switch to eraser tool" is enabled in the options). Your idea is interesting, although I worry that it could be easy to do by accident.
  • NeznaikaNeznaika Posts: 35
    I know, but if color picker options "Use all layers" turn on and working with layers where no transparant areas it is unable to switch by "transparent pick" method. For example I have large background image that have on transparent area and work on another layer by picking from background image colors from time to time (Use all layers - checked on). So I is need manually switch to ereaser.

    Suggested method above can be with accident switching. So maybe it activate manually from  Settings menu (editing page). Those who need this options - they can manually activate it. It really useful options for quick edit.

    By the way - Pyxel edit is very quick and handful for work, hope you implement this useful feature to make Pyxel even more handful. )))
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