I am an Italian graphic designer it would take a guide for Windows 10 a free tutorial.

Good evening, this Sprite, I try to create it but while saving with Pyxel Edit, it does not save me the entire animation but it saves it as well as in photos with all the frems how can I combine all the images and make an animation ? Sorry but I'm in trouble. I bought Pyxel Edit a few days ago and anyway I imported this Sprite from another program. jack Animation Shop 3 if I'm happy with Pyxel Edit, I always use your program to create the animations. The Frames are saved but the animation doesn't seem complicated ..


  • Can anyone help me how do I merge the frames and save it as a complete animation?
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    Sorry but the Forum seems uninhabited no one can advise me I urgently need to complete the animation of my character that I created.
  • When you go to export with File -> Export -> Export animation, it you can choose between different formats. Depending on what you want to use it for a sequence of images or a spritesheet like this might work fine (many game engines support them for example). But if you want to display it on a webpage or something you could choose Animated GIF.
  • Ok thank you infinitely I solved. :)
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