Roadmap for Pyxel?

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Hey, I love pyxel and it is a pleasure to work with. Is there some type of roadmap that is public for the future of pyxel? Features that are being worked on or simply just something we can expect from upcoming updates? It would be amazing to know what's going on in the development of this tool and if we can expect more frequent updates now or are we looking at another 2 year time period for next update like there was from 0.4.8 to 0.4.9.


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    Afaik Pyxel is pretty much dead. Last information was that he was stuck on some features because of Adobe Air restrictions and also has not much time because of his job. (this was like 2-3 years ago). I dont think that there will be a meaningfull update anytime soon. Which is a shame because i think Pyxel has the potential to be the "Photoshop" of pixel art.

    here is the link to the post he made in 2019. (username Danik) 
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    Yeah it's still true that work on the application is very slow. Partly because of issues with AIR (which might actually get better now that Harman has taken over the platform), but mostly because of my lack of time. Since that post the big issues with the platform were fixed in an update by Harman (broken saving on Mac), and I made one new release that added layer groups (more info in the change log here: )

    Currently the release rate is around one release every year. I try to spend a good portion of my vacation on Pyxel Edit to fix bugs and get at least some new big features in. I'm determined to get another release out this summer.

    Last summer I was also experimenting with other platforms to see if I could find one that was suitable for porting Pyxel Edit to. I found some interesting candidates and made some prototypes, but I haven't decided on anything yet.
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