Moving Tiles Between Other Tiles

KasumiKasumi Posts: 13
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Unless I'm missing something, at the moment the only way to rearrange tiles in the tileset is to swap them. Say I have a group of related tiles in the tileset(grass.) I create some sand tiles. Then realize I need a new grass tile. I create the new grass tile. To move it with the others, I have to swap the grass tile for the first sand tile. But I want the first sand tile first because it is the base tile. So I must then swap it left with each other sand tile to get it back there. I'd prefer to be able to move a tile in between two tiles as well. Bonus would be full tileset rearranging. Things like shift clicking to select a contiguous group of tiles, ctrl+clicking to select a non contiguous group, then being able to move those selections as well.

I'd like this because not only is having related tiles together convenient generally, it's also required for me in some cases. (Tiles I want animated must occupy a specific quarter of my tileset.)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    You can hold Shift to insert tiles between other tiles, but I agree with you that tile handling is very cumbersome for some use cases and could be improved!
  • KasumiKasumi Posts: 13
    Yay, I was missing something! Thanks.
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