How to Import Tilemap into Unity

Hi all! New app developer here, like fresh from the tutorial-womb and still look like a weird, tiny alien type of new. I have some development on the far reaches of programming world, but other than scripting and deployment, it doesn't help much. Anyway, I saw in several tutorials and forums that PyxelEdit was highly recommended and I definitely see the benefits, so I purchased it and have been tinkering. I have a map I'd like to move over to unity, but for the life of me I can't manage to get it to import. I've plundered google and youtube. I've tried using PyxelEdit Importer without success. I searched here on the forum and came up zeros. The FAQ has something about how to add it into AS3, but I'm not able to make use of it. Can some helpful soul point me in the direction of a step by step?


  •  Importing in Unity is very easy as you right click in the 'project' board, usually located at the bottom of the editor, and select 'import New asset'. If you are having problems my bet is that you try to import the tiles you saved from PyxelEdit rather than the '.png' file  that is generated. Unity will only consider those png files .

  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    There are user made plugins for importing the .pyxel document directly, but the simplest thing to try first would be to export as PNG and import that as an asset in Unity, like blackizzy says.
    Begin by exporting your tileset using File > Export > Export tileset, to save it as a PNG image.
    I have not worked with Unity myself for a while so I don't know the details, but maybe this article helps:
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