Paint second color with right mouse button instead of color picking?

Is there a way to configure what the right mouse button is doing? I'd like to set it to paint with the alternate (second) color. It would be so much more convenient to just easily paint with two colors at the same time just clicking the two buttons than having to press X all the time.

That way it only takes one click to correct a pixel, as compared to either three clicks right now (RMB old color, LMB paint, RMB new color) or using X (press X to swap, LMB to correct, press X to swap back).

Would it be possible to add a configuration option to switch the RMB behavior to paint with the alternate color? I'd even implement this myself if there was source code, but I guess we're out of luck on that front hehe.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 879
    You can actually do this already, you just need to change from Pick color to 2nd color under Secondary in the tool bar for the pen tool.
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