How do I export a transparent gif properly?

So I've been working on a gif file upload for a game I play, which has a transparent center. When I export it, the transparency is filled in completely. is there a workaround for this? Should I just export all the frames as png and use a different program to transform it into an mng?


  • ToqueToque Posts: 30
    What do you mean by "filled in"?   Its filled in with a colour?     You should be able to export and transparent will just be transparent.   Meaning you will not see it.    But it will be viewed as the colour of the background that is behind it obviously........
  • O87O87 Posts: 8
    Gifs with transparency are exported as transparent.
    But use a color picker and check that your transparent area is actually fully transparent.
    Colours that are semi-transparent will be exported as solid, so if you have a very, very faint colour, for example a very light see-through blue for a window, when the image is rendered as a gif, it will be solid blue.

    That's a limitation of .gif, and not pyxel edit's fault, pngs turned to a gif elsewhere would do the same.

    If you view the gif in a web browser or image viewer, it might render as solid, but if it is actually transparent it should look fine in game.
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